Walk between pantry produce including local jams, preserves and pickles, through to an array of chilled fresh produce, and then on to butchery where our experienced butchers share their knowledge to ensure you leave with the best cuts of pork, beef, lamb or chicken, all from local and award winning suppliers. Be tempted by the homemade goodies in our delicatessen or pick up a tipple in 'the crow' our wine & ale cellar and last but not least, tucked away through the farm shop is our homeware department where you can find that special something.



Be tempted with some of our delicious homemade pies and pastries, cheeses, cooked meats and our famous scotch eggs, selling over 500 of the beauties a week!

Deli Board Deli Board


Some of our fantastic meat offers available all year round from our in-house butcher.

Butchery Board Offer
Butchery Board Offer
Butchery Board Offer
French Trim Beef Rib
Chicken Fillets (Skinless) X4
Deli Pies X2
Deli Smoked Ham Joint (Boneless)
Deli Un-Smoked Ham Joint (Boneless)
Fillet Steak
£7.25-170g £9.50-225g £12.00-280g
Honey Roast Cooked Ham (Boneless)
Lamb Leg (Bone In)
Rib Eye Steak
Rolled Beef Brisket Joint
Rolled Loin of Pork (Boneless)
Sausage Meat
Sausages X6
Sausages in Bacon X10
Sirloin Steak
£5.25-170g £7.00-225g £8.50-280g
Topside of Beef
Whole Free Range Chicken
Meat pack 1
Meat pack 2
Meat pack 3
Chicken and minced steak protein pack
Steak and chicken pack
Ultimate protein pack